Our services

At Petronas villa, we believe that privacy is very important. Our indoor pool provides private swimming at any time of the day, every season of the year. By making water at least 20 degrees Celsius, even winter is the swimming season. After that, you can take a shower at our jacuzzi cabin and then sunbathing at our large garden.

Health is the most important thing in our lives. Even on holidays, we should take care of our health. In Petronas villa, we take care of that. After an exercise, before sleep or even before breakfast in the morning, a 40-minute sauna session is very beneficial.

Other important services

• Big living room and dining room for everyone

• At our villa, up to 20 adults can relax comfortably on our large first floor

• Three in total fireplaces inside

• A large outdoor barbecue

• Eight (8) bedrooms with eight separate private bathrooms and balconies

• Free Parking up to 6 cars (inside the house courtyard)

• Free Wi-Fi

• All pets allowed